PC Lemania

Commerce and distribution of chemical products

FertilizersCrops, chemical, healthcare and automobile industries...
PolymersFor extrusion coating, lamination, injection molding, rotational molding...
ChemicalsChemical processing, soaps, detergents, water treatment ...
BitumenBitumen for road paving in both warm and colder climates

PC Lemania

Today’s work, tomorrows legacy

Our mission is to provide the best quality and prices of our products. All over the world, PC Lemania has thrived by creating strong relationships with its suppliers for our clients.

Our aim is to develop a strong world wide presence. We strive to be a preferred partner of our products in the industry.

PC Lemania has a balanced geographical distribution in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and West Africa, where it enjoys established relationships that elevate it to an indispensable link.


Our strategic partnerships enable us to cross the value chain from manufacturers to consumers.


International distribution service thanks to an extensive network of logistics partners. Aerial, maritime and terrestrial distribution.

Geographical Reach

We distribute and export chemical products, fertilizers, polymers and bitumen in 5 continents.